Cave Sessions – Song Story: Adullam – How We Got Here In The First Place…

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Our cave session songs were inspired by the songs of Davy the harp player, a singer/songwriter from around 3000 years ago.

Here’s the back story to track 2 titled “Adullam – How we got here in the first place…”

Have you ever made what seemed like a perfectly good decision only to find it led you into a mess of unforeseen circumstances where you were accused of all sorts of things you weren’t guilty of?

Well that’s what we tried to convey in this song. The doubt that comes when you begin to question how you ended up in this mess, dealing with people who have a hidden agenda and seem happy to use you.

But also the challenge of finding the hope that is always there if we’ll only step back and choose to see the bigger picture.

Have a listen.


Lying in a bed of my own making

Surrounded by dogs baying for flesh

Am I so blind to my indiscretions

That I cannot see my part in this mess

We scream for revenge: an eye for an eye

When all of this time it’s mercy that we need

Oh my God, my hiding place

Saver of my skin

Ever gripped by your embracing wing

Take me in

Now I am sleeping with one eye open

Not really sure of who I can trust

Looking over my shoulder and guarding my back

Have all of my dreams turned into dust

Is hope an illusion? Is love a mirage?

Did we put our faith in the strength we thought we had?

Oh my God, my hiding place

Saver of my skin

Ever gripped by your embracing wing

Take me in

To your side

There I’ll hide

In the shadow of your frame

Sooner or later this danger will pass

I’ll be on my way out of this mess

These hounds will be snared in the traps that they set

I’ll finally be free from the howl of their threats

Oh my God, my hiding place

Saver of my skin

Ever gripped by your embracing wing

Take me in

Written by Andy Rogers, Joanne Hogg & Stu Reid.
Overture & string arrangements by Stu Reid.


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Kathryn Scott'I've known Andy for 18 years - both as a worship leader in the church I attended as a teenager, and then as a friend and co-leader as we grew a little older together.

He is one of the most servant-hearted people I know. Few understand, and live out true worship like Andy - and I feel honored to serve with him because of it!

If you ever get the chance to have him come and lead at your church - or to listen to the songs that he has been writing - or to input as he explores the whole idea of writing as an online community ( - I cannot more highly recommend that you jump at it. Andy really is one in a million - he's the real deal.' - Kathryn Scott

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